Available courses

This course contains the basic information you need to refresh your programming basics which will help you take the test. So, go ahead, take the course and attempt the exam. CSSOC awaits you. All the best!

NOTE: The course is completely optional and can be skipped if you don't feel the need.

CSSOC is a 14-week training program which starts on 1st August 2019 and ends on 7th November 2019, excluding one week during the mid-exams. Every week, on the last hour of Friday and Saturday, the participating students will have a learning session in the New T&P Building.
Outcome: For CSSOC, we are targeting a rough count of 30 students collectively from second, third and fourth years from all the branches. Students with the right motive and enthusiasm to learn are selected through a process which is impartial and rigorous to avoid the misuse of the facilities provided.

1 - Introduction to the Internet
2 - HTML - Github Intro
3 - CSS - Project - Resume
4 - Bootstrap - Project- Update Resume
5 - JS - DOM
6 - JS - Project - To Do List
7 - Project